Breakthrough – Michael C. Grumley



Author: Michael C. Grumely
Pages: 322
Genre: Action/Adventure
My rating: 2 out of 5 – It was ok

Breakthrough is the story of…. I actually just took a ten minute break after I wrote that so that I could try to sort the story out enough to put it into a brief description. This book starts off following a team of researchers who are trying to unlock speech communication between humans and dolphins. Cool. I’m totally into that and excited to read this book! It quickly turns into an alien invasion/natural disaster crisis story. Yeah.

I read Breakthrough because I recently got a Kindle and when I realized I would finally be able to take advantage of the Amazon Prime one free book a month perk, I got all trigger happy and downloaded the first book I saw that had a good rating. That’s what is so confusing to me. This book has an excellent rating and is actually on Amazon’s best books of 2015 list… Huh. Maybe I completely missed something. Maybe it’s just not a genre I enjoy. Maybe.

The characters are mostly likeable and there’s dolphins which is always a good thing, but I can’t say I enjoyed the writing very much or the story development. It just seemed like everything worked out too well. For example – BIG SPOILER COMING – one of the dolphins dies. But then we find out later that it’s not really dead. It was saved. The hero’s best friend dies. But then we find out later that he’s not really dead. He was saved. And then there’s a tsunami that’s going to kill millions of people that is actually making its way toward the coast, but they are able to stop it by causing another tsunami so that they slam into each other and cancel each other out, effectively. And this all happens very quickly. It just all works out.

I’m not saying I wanted everyone dead at the end of the book, and I love a happy ending, but I don’t feel like this book earned its happy ending. By the end I didn’t really care about anyone but the dolphins. So, I guess, thank God they both survived.


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